Think back to your own childhood: Aren’t many of your best memories summertime ones? Hey, you only get 18 summers with your kids. Make the most of this one before it’s gone with our end-of-summer bucket list.

  1. Pack a picnic, whether it’s for the beach, the mountains, a park or in your living room
  2. Teach your kids your favorite backyard games from your childhood: ghost in the graveyard, kick the can, TV tag
  3. Let your kids pick out a bunch of books at the library (bonus for getting them their own library cards)
  4. Blow bubbles
  5. Catch an afternoon baseball game
  6. Set up a lemonade stand
  7. Tie-dye an old shirt
  8. Watch a thunderstorm from the window (assuming your kids aren’t scared of thunder)
  9. Visit cousins
  10. Play in the sprinkler in the yard (yes, you can still buy them at hardware stores)
  11. Take a day trip and let your kids decide where you go
  12. Spend the day at an amusement park or the fair
  13. Row, row, row your boat (or rent one)
  14. Write a story together — you draw the pictures while your kid dictates the words
  15. Have a family water balloon fight
  16. Hold a cherry pit or watermelon seed spitting contest
  17. Go camping (if it’s too late to book a campsite, try your backyard)
  18. Play a round of mini golf
  19. Make s’mores (even if it’s in the microwave)
  20. Head to a water park
  21. Hang a hammock, then see how many family members can get into it at the same time (careful!)
  22. Hit the pool
  23. Blow on a dandelion and make a wish
  24. Make ice pops from fruit juice, small paper cups and wooden sticks
  25. Go out for ice cream cones (or even better, buy them from an ice cream truck)

Summer is made for family bonding with board games like Q’s Race to the Top!