Even if your kids can’t tell a tree pose from a stick of incense, they are born with a natural wonder and awareness that form the foundation of mindfulness. Here are five ways to help them cultivate focus and patience today — for a more calm and peaceful tomorrow.

Pay attention — really pay attention — around your kids.

Okay, so we get that you can’t just stop multitasking as a parent or you’d never get it all done. But do you really need to check your phone while you push your kid on the swings? That’s where special time comes in — it shows your kid what undivided attention looks like.

Chew on this.

Grab a handful of raisins and give one to each member of the family. Turn it over in your hand and feel all its wrinkles and notice the variation in its colors. See how it smells. Then slowly chew it, noticing the sound it makes and the flavor in your mouth. Ask your kids how this feels different from the way you usually eat.

Play the memory game.

Practice focus with this fun memory game you and your kids can try together:

Channel your inner flight attendant.

Even when there’s turbulence, you can model calm and security for your kids. As much as you want to make it all better as a parent, you don’t have to fix negative feelings — and neither do your kids. Sometimes it’s just about acknowledging that things are rough right now, but you can ride it out together.

Follow your kids’ lead.

Um, your kids may be better mindfulness teachers than you are. Whenever you can, stop and listen to your kid who wants to show you a caterpillar cross the sidewalk.

Next: Lay the Q-Time Buddy or another favorite stuffed animal on your kid’s belly and practice slowing down with deep breaths. A little quiet time helps little ones – and big people! – learn to focus, pause and chillax.