You have to ask your kid to set the table 10 times before they actually hear you. They’re having trouble concentrating at school. No sooner do they start playing with one thing than they get distracted and move on to something else, leaving piles of toys in their wake. Hey, it’s natural for little kids’ minds to wander. But there are things you can do to help your kid learn to pay attention, no lecturing required.


Give them attention.

Don’t yell from the next room and expect them to listen. Get close enough that you can make eye contact before you make a request. That not only helps them hear you, it also shows them what paying attention looks like.


Make sure they’re getting enough sleep.

Not sure when your kid should be getting to bed? Check out our bedtime chart.


Make it manageable.

Little kids can get easily overwhelmed. Instead of telling them to get ready for school, remind them about one thing at a time — to brush their teeth, for example, or make their bed. (If you need more help with this one, try making a morning routine chart.)


Send your kid outside to play.

Studies show that recess helps kids do better on schoolwork. To up your kid’s focus, make sure they get plenty of running-around-outside time.


Play a game.

Make learning to pay attention fun with Simon Says, I Spy, the memory game — or the Build-a-Robot or Problem-Solving games on the Q Wunder app.

Next: Come up with a dance routine with your kid — take turns making up and then trying to remember every step. Bonus points if you do it to the Q Wunder song “Focus,” available on the Q Wunder app, Spotify and iTunes.