“Where are you going to put that booger?” “Use your words.” “Because I said so!”

Sound familiar? Congrats. You must be a parent. And as a citizen of Parenthood you are now officially bilingual. You have access to an entire language that only parents are qualified to speak. (In fact, any other adult would be crazy to try.) There are no language classes, there’s no handbook. You just pick up these phrases, as ridiculous as they are, and learn to use them. For some strange reason they work!

I’m really excited to tell you that EQtainment just partnered with my favorite comedic duo, Tripp and Tyler, to bring you a new video, “Poo-Poo Parents Say.”

We shot it in Brooklyn, NY two weeks ago and laughed the whole shoot, while coming up with ways that we torment and are tormented by our little loved ones on a daily basis.

If you can relate to these funny phrases, share the video on your social channels and tag as many people as you can!