All any parent really wants is for their kids to be happy. But how do you raise a happy child?


Happiness comes from within — but you can foster it by helping your kid build their happiness pyramid. What’s a happiness pyramid? It’s the foundation for your child’s well-being.


The happiness pyramid is made up of four layers: who you are, who you spend time with, what you spend time on, and how you frame things. Talk to your child about each of the four layers, writing down their responses from bottom layer to top, creating their very own happiness pyramid in the process. Then hang their happiness pyramid in their room where they can see it every day.

Print out this free Happiness Pyramid chart and fill it in with your child!

Who you are

Ask your child what makes them special — and celebrate what they like about themselves.


Who you spend time with

Who does your child most like being with? Spend time together as a family and support your child’s friendships.


What you spend time on

What are your child’s favorite things to do? Encourage your child to try out different activities to figure out what they like best — then spend more time doing them. More fun means more joy!


How you frame things

How does your child react when things go wrong — and how do they deal with problems? Help your child develop an optimistic attitude. For tips, check out how to raise a kid with grit and how to help your kid defuse their anger.


Finally, do more of what you and your child love doing together — maybe watching funny movies, rough-housing, making up silly stories about each other, or playing basketball. Anything that gets you laughing and having fun together will make you both happier — and build the bond between you.

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