Struggling with your kid’s behavior, need help minimizing meltdowns — or simply want to help your child learn life’s most game-changing skills? Help them boost their social and emotional skills and watch them blossom.

Why social and emotional skills are so important

Helps kids grow into successful adults.

Kindergarteners who are good at sharing have been found more likely to get a college degree and hold a job at age 25 than kids who aren’t. In fact, social and emotional skills are linked to both school readiness and life success in career, relationships, health and happiness.


Builds confidence, independence and responsibility.

Strong emotional skills make kids feel good about themselves and their ability to meet life’s challenges.


Helps develop manners and empathy.

Kids with solid social skills are not only more polite and helpful, they’re able to see situations from other points of view.


Encourages kids to connect.

Kids who are socially aware are closer to their family and friends because they’ve learned to build trust, kindness, sensitivity and openness.


Minimizes meltdowns.

Behavior naturally improves when a child feels more in control of their emotions and has the tools to manage their feelings.


Inspires kids to make better choices.

Their awareness of themselves and others makes problem-solving easier.


Makes kids happier, calmer and more resilient.

Kids with social and emotional skills are more self-aware, communicate better, and bounce back faster from obstacles.


Help boost your kid’s social and emotional well-being with Q Wunder

When you focus on building your child’s social and emotional skills, you help your kid thrive. But how do you figure out what your kid needs help with — and know how to work with them to improve their behavior and thinking?

Brought to you by Parents’ Choice Award winner EQtainment, the Q Wunder app inspires your child to practice better behavior and develop self-awareness — and helps you encourage their progress. With the Q Wunder app, you’ll discover what your kid’s strengths are and what they still need to work on. You’ll even get customized guidance for you and your child, including animated kids’ videos, original music to sing along to, and parent podcasts.

The Q Wunder app, Q’s Race to the Top board game, and our other Q Wunder products are designed to help 3- to 9-year-old kids work on their social and emotional skills without even realizing it — they’re too busy just having fun!

Get started now — download the free Q Wunder app!

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