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Q Wunder dancing with kids

Q Wunder by EQtainment is a universal and holistic classroom-based social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for ages pre-K through 4th grade. The 48 research-based lesson plans, rooted in the findings of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), teach impulse control, emotional management, social skills, problem solving, empathy, grit, and self-efficacy. 40 years of data show that social and emotional skills are a direct correlate to life success and well-being, and recent adoption of SEL across several US states has made a profound impact on academic scores, behavior, and the reduction of negative behaviors. These critical skills improve a child’s ability to learn and thrive in the classroom and beyond, and help promote a healthy classroom environment.


Q Wunder is Designed for YOU


The Q Wunder program is designed with both teachers and students in mind. The 30-minute lesson plans and corresponding Q Wunder show episodes are easy to follow for educators and engaging and fun for students. Q Wunder’s pop songs, music videos, bonus features, and interactive games reinforce the lessons, adding movement, music and repetition to help students master each skill. Teachers can customize the lessons to the academic, environmental, and behavioral needs of their classroom using Q Wunder’s games, toys, and tools.


Q Wunder is About Taking Action


As an educator, you will be thrilled to know that Q Wunder supports a high level of personal responsibility and self-efficacy. Children learn not just the definition and reason for empathy, but how to directly meet the needs of those around them. They will learn not merely to identify their emotions, but, as leading EQ scholar Daniel Goleman intended, they will learn to control them for positive outcomes. Students will not just be introduced to the concept of routine and responsibility, but will be given a roadmap for how to implement these skills in their daily lives, thereby adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-class learning.


Q Wunder is a Complete School-to-Home Solution


Q Wunder allows educators and parents to unite in helping students master the most important life skills. By encouraging parents to download the Q Wunder app, students can watch all the episodes and interactive content at home, continuing to learn alongside Q, the lovable genius monkey. The Parents’ Portal of the Q Wunder app allows parents to customize the learning pathway for their kids, monitor their progress, and access a stream of helpful videos and articles on each social and emotional skill.


Thank you for choosing Q Wunder as your complete SEL curriculum. We are thrilled to come alongside you in this fun and enriching journey!


Thank you,

Sofia Dickens

EQtainment Founder